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      For too long America has been aggressively influenced by a formidable sub-culture that advocates evil, markets drugs, sells sex and promotes violence.  Our great country has been demoralized and devitalized by this counter culture which has created: decline and decay, disorder and disruption, disrespect and dishonor, decadence and despair, destruction and death in our homeland.  The dishonorable individuals responsible for these iniquities have absolutely no respect for that which is good and for that which is right.  They have no respect for Our Creator.  They have no respect for Our Country and the fundamental and undeniable principles for which she stands.  Most deplorably, they have no respect for the innate exquisiteness and magnificence - virtue, ability, intelligence and potentiality of Our Children.  Indiscriminate - self-important and self-serving these shameless individuals violate the very sanctity of life and defile the innocence and wholesomeness of Our Children.  Their incessant corruption is offensive to all honorable Americans and their valueless process only desecrates - undermines and diminishes all that is good and all that is right in our homeland.  The morality of America is being challenged like never before, especially for our vulnerable and impressionable children.   Our Children are negatively distracted.  They are confused as to what is good and as to what is bad; as to what is right and as to what is wrong.  Our Children are being unfairly and unjustly misguided and mistreated.  

     We are also living in a time of hope and promise.  We can and we must counter this adverse progression of destructive depravity and anti-Americanism. The answer is quite evident and it lies within the very establishment and moral strength of our country:

                                                                                                HONOR - To Be Good!   LIBERTY - To Be Free!  

                                                                    EQUALITY - To Be One!   JUSTICE - To Be Fair!   HUMANITY - To Be Kind!
 These are the fundamental and undeniable principles of our country, conceived by our founding fathers, upheld and defended with invincible determination that forged a great nation, our nation.  The Declaration of Independence, the absolute proclamation of our country that all people are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  And The Constitution of our country, the basic instrument of our government and the supreme law of our land were founded upon these principles and it is upon these fundamental truths by which our laws and doctrines are based.  The necessity of academia in our society is implicit but a well-rounded and complete education also necessitates the learning of values and the building of character.  It is without doubt that Our American Principles are truly a most worthy guideline for Our Children to follow in regards to Character Education and Development.


Inspirational and Motivational 
Our Good Children 
True Meaning and Significance
Awareness-for that which is Right 
Respect-for that which is Honorable and Good - Others and Oneself


 The following inspirational and motivational Americanism Programs are available upon request at no-charge:
* Kindergarten to Second Grade Americanism Program
{Thirty minutes}
* Third to Fifth Grade Americanism Program
{Thirty-five minutes}
* Sixth to Eighth Grade Americanism Program
{Forty minutes}
* Ninth to Twelfth Grade Americanism Program
{Forty-five minutes}
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Petty Officer Jim Cava, United States Navy Retired - Combat Decorated Veteran
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“​Americanism breeds:
Fellowship - Loyalty - Morality - Responsibility - Vigilance - Courage - Strength”

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